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Vacant Property Registration

  1. This form is for the required registration of all one- and two-family residential dwellings in Council Bluffs, Iowa that are unoccupied as a dwelling or that are illegally occupied as mandated by Ordinance 6492. For more information, please visit the Vacant Property Registration webpage at

    Submit one form for each vacant property, as required by City code. Leave blank any fields that do not apply. Please call (712) 890-5350 if you have any questions.

  2. What type of residence is this?*
  3. If a duplex, are both units vacant?*
  4. Add mailing attn: name, department name, etc. here if applicable

  5. Please designate the entity that will serve as the 24 hour primary contact; responsible for any security, maintenance or other issues. If none is included, property owner will be contacted instead.

  6. No PO boxes.

  7. Vacancy Reason

    Choose the most appropriate answer.

  8. Please give additional details as to why your property is vacant.

  9. Conditions

    Check all that apply.

  10. Notify Community Development at (712) 890-5350 immediately when the property is no longer vacant. 

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