Welcome to Council Bluffs


Thank you for visiting the City of Council Bluffs website. I hope you come away with the information you need, and learn more about our beautiful city.

As Mayor, and with more than two decades in the banking industry, I have learned successful businesses must decide what they can do well and then focus their daily efforts on creating profitable work production within their particular chosen niche. 

Respectfully, the daily work production of your local city government equates to one the most diverse focuses of job responsibilities in any one particular business organization. The City of Council Bluffs employs mechanics, horticulturalists, attorneys, building maintenance workers, finance professionals, public safety personnel, health care professionals, engineers, construction experts, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, accountants, communications experts, recreation administrators, park maintenance workers, chemists, safety inspectors, sanitarians, information technologists, administrative support staff, refuse and recycling professionals, community planners, librarians, and the professional staff of the human resource department who help hire them.   

The city designs, builds and maintains roads. We provide recreation and entertainment opportunities in our parks. We manage sanitary sewer and refuse collection businesses. We are on the frontline in providing a safe community through law enforcement and fire protection. Our healthcare professionals provide public nursing and health inspections. City First Responders save lives by providing state of the art ambulance service. We inspect buildings for safety and stability. We facilitate storm water removal from our neighborhoods during inclement weather conditions. We provide a source of information and imagination through the library services we provide.

It truly has been a rewarding experience to get the opportunity to work hand in hand with approximately 500 of my city coworkers, each of whom sincerely care about successfully performing their job to the best of their abilities.

We hope to see you out and about in our City or visit me at City Hall. 


Matt Walsh