Mayor's Office


Of the 940 Iowa cities throughout our state only two of its cities, Council Bluffs and Waterloo have an established "strong mayor" form of city government.  Most of Iowa's other cities have a "city manager"  form of government. Large Iowa cities hire a professional city manager to oversee their city's administrative leadership while smaller Iowa communities simply rely on their city clerk for administrative over site.  Mayoral duties in the city manager form of government typically involve performing ceremonial responsibilities.

Council Bluffs' City Charter grants the Mayor executive power which means that the mayor's office has direct responsibility for both city administrative over site as well as the performance of all city ceremonial responsibility. The role of the Council Bluffs City Council is to approve the ordinances (laws) and resolutions (policies) by which the city's government must operate.  It is the strict compliance with these ordinances and resolutions that guide the mayor's office in the performance of its official duties.

Mission Statement

To continuously improve the quality of life and attractiveness of the City of Council Bluffs.

Meet the Mayor

For more than two decades, Matt Walsh has worked in Council Bluffs as a commercial banker, a community volunteer and an elected official.  He has been on the forefront with business developers to help turn Council Bluffs into a destination for new companies, new residents and frequent visitors; always doing so while recognizing that existing businesses and our current residents have unique needs and making sure their needs aren't forgotten.

Hanging on the wall in Mayor Walsh's office is a 1910 photograph of his great grandfather, J.F. Wilcox, speaking with Teddy Roosevelt about various issues facing Council Bluffs back at the turn of the 20th century.  Since that conversation took place, six generations of Walsh's family have been proud to call Council Bluffs their home.  The Mayor knows that ownership in any home means constantly addressing the necessity for scheduled ongoing maintenance and, when appropriate, designing plans for significant improvements in targeted areas so that our hometown doesn't deteriorate in value, but instead continues to thrive for future generations.  Walsh sees this ongoing preservation effort as the principal role of city government and he interprets as one of his mayoral duties to be a leader toward that effort.

Voters first elected Walsh to the Council Bluffs City Council 1995.  For the next 18 years he served the City in that capacity until becoming Mayor in January of 2014.  During his time in elected office, Council Bluffs has been through many positive changes.  Walsh believes that this is due to the accomplishments of a competent, dedicated city staff supported by a visionary City Council.  Of course, future challenges await our community but through planned strategic effort supported by appropriate asset allocation we will find ourselves prepared, knowing we can be proactive in meeting and overcoming these challenges.  It is through these organized efforts that we find the true meaning to our community slogan, "Council Bluffs; Unlike Anywhere Else. On Purpose."

The Mayor has been involved with a variety of organizations in leadership roles:

2016 President of Iowa League of Cities
Past Chair of Iowa Western Community College Black Tie Celebration
Past Chair CHI Mercy Heritage Awards
Past Chair St Albert Auction
Graduate Leadership Council Bluffs
Graduate Leadership Iowa


Human Services Advisory Council "Volunteer of the Year"
Arts Council "Renaissance Faire King"

After graduating from high school Walsh worked for five years as a construction worker, where he became a lifelong member of the "Laborers" Local 1140 Union.  He then spent his next years working for the local Budweiser distributor.  He enrolled in Creighton University as a nontraditional student where he received a bachelor's degree in finance, working almost 30 years in the banking industry.  The Mayor and his wife Barb have two children, Erin and Jake, and one granddaughter, Kaia.