Secure Load Policy


The Council Bluffs Recycling Center has adopted a policy that all loads entering and exiting the facility must be secured from the point of origin to prevent material from blowing, scattering and/or spilling from transport vehicles onto area roadways and ditches.

Policy Statement

Accumulation of litter on area roadways is preventable, unsightly and a nuisance to neighbors of the facility and its haul routes. Failure to comply with this secure load policy will result in extra fees ($15.00) being applied to the load. 

Any vehicle that permits spillage and/or scattering of waste while enroute to the Council Bluffs Recycling Center will be charged the $15.00 fee. Scale house attendants will provide final determinations as to the serviceability of covers, use of tailgates and the effectiveness of the method used by the hauler to secure their load.

Click here to see a complete copy of the secure load policy.

Secure Load Policy Pictures