Health Insurance

Health insurance benefits, including a prescription drug card, are provided through the Iowa Governmental Health Care Plan (IGHCP.) The IGHCP is a 'benefits trust' formed for the specific purpose of providing shared risk pooling for public employers. It provides the City with the combined buying power of more than 30 cities, counties, and school districts and over 5,000 employee lives.

The health plan consists of two parts: a high deductible, fully insured health plan purchased through Wellmark of Iowa and a partially self-funded plan administered by Employee Benefit Systems (EBS). The partially self-funded portion of the plan pays claims that fall between the Wellmark's high deductible plan and the lower deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums established by the City for its employees.

For a brief overview of our health plan, please refer to the SBC for the Partial Self-funded Plan below. 

Summary of Benefits and Coverage Documents:

SBC for the Partial Self-Funded Plan
SBC for the Wellmark Plan

Summary Plan Documents:
Wellmark SPD
IGHCP Partial Self-Funded SPD

Provider Websites:
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa
Employee Benefit Systems

Health Insurance Notices:
Notice of HIPAA Privacy Practices
Doctor on Demand