Construction Material, Concrete, & Lumber

The Recycling Center strives to recycle as many materials as possible, however, some items have a small fee attached to them. Any loads containing regular garbage, such as food items, clothing, small toys, fecal matter, etc. will not be accepted. 

Construction Material Disposal Pricing

Material Description Price Per Ton Minimum Charge
Clean Concrete Quantities less than a pickup load. $24.00 $5.00 (~ 400 pounds)
Construction &
Demolition Material
Drywall, carpeting, roofing,
siding (wood or vinyl), treated
lumber, railroad ties, and
home furnishings
$50.00 $5.00 (~ 200 pounds)
Lumber - clean, untreated Unpainted and untreated construction
lumber, lumber that does not include 
roofing, spikes, laminate, or drywall 
*nails are permitted
$24.00 $5.00 (~ 400 pounds)