SW Iowa Law Enforcement Training Facility

The SWILETC is for law enforcement and military use only

The training facility is located at 10073 192nd Street in Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503.  The training center has three indoor classrooms that can be combined into one.  One classroom is currently being used as a mat room for defensive tactics training.  Two of the classrooms are equipped with large monitors and computers which can be linked for use as one. 

Training FacilityIn addition, the training facility sports four ranges.  Two are indoor 25 yard ranges, one is a outdoor 50 yard range, and the last is an outdoor 100 yard range.  Each range has 10 turnable targets that are computer controlled.  The 100 yard range also has both an audio and video system for instructors to give instruction and view the targets remotely.  

25 yard indoor range control room