Training Division

The Council Bluffs Fire Department training division consists of two full-time employees: the Assistant Chief of Training and the Drill Master. Numerous 24-hour employees also assist the Training Division with ongoing training.

Southwest Iowa Regional Emergency Response Training Center 

The Southwest Iowa Regional Emergency Response Training Center opened May 22, 2009. The centerpiece of the facility is the four-story drill tower. Designed by WHP Training Towers, the building features one Class A burn room and two Class B burn rooms supplied with natural gas. Pro-Safe Systems Fire Training Systems out of Toronto, Canada, designed and installed the state-of-the-art Class B live-fire simulation system.

Other tower features include: 

  • High-output smoke generator 
  • Standpipe system and fire sprinkler prop 
  • High-angle rope rescue anchoring system 
  • Through-the-floor openings for rescue scenarios 
  • Wall and ceiling breaching panels 
  • Replaceable pitched roof panels for vertical ventilation training 

The facility also features a 120,000-square-foot concrete pad for driver/operator training, a confined space training platform, and numerous hazardous material props. The facility is available for use by any fire department, law enforcement, or other emergency response agency in Southwest Iowa.