Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are your first line of defense in the event of a fire in your home or business. Each year across the country too many people die from smoke inhalation and fire in homes with no working smoke detectors present.

Project Alex

The Council Bluffs Fire Department, with the generous support of several businesses, organizations, foundations and individual donors founded Project Alex  after fires claimed the lives of two children in 2010. Project Alex provides dual sensor smoke detectors in the hope of preventing any further loss of life in fires.
  • On duty Fire Department personnel check each home they respond to for working detectors.
  • If none are present or the smoke detectors need replaced due to age; new detectors are installed before personnel leave.
  • We also replace batteries and leave fire safety information with the homes occupants, all in the hope of making the residents and our community safer. 
project alex2

Owners of Single Family Residences

To request a detector check or installation, contact the Fire Department at (712) 328-4646. If you need a smoke detector or new battery and cannot afford one, the fire department will schedule a time to have our personnel come to your house and install new batteries or new detectors at no charge to the residents. City and State Code requires all new detectors to be dual sensor.

Apartment and Rental Home Occupants

City and State Code requires installation of dual sensor smoke detectors in all rental properties. If your apartment or rental home does not have working smoke detectors, contact your landlord and request the installation of the proper detectors. If you need assistance, contact the Fire Marshal at (712) 328-4646.

Change Battery

Change Smoke Detector Batteries

Support national fire prevention efforts and keep your home and family safe by changing batteries in your smoke detector each time you change your clock for daylight savings time.

For more information, please visit the National Fire Prevention Association's website here.