Contract Documents

Joint CBPW/CBWW Project Contract Documents

Joint Project Submittal Guide
Joint Title Page
Joint Table of Contents
Joint Certification
Joint Notice to Bidders
Joint Instructions to Bidders
Joint Bid Bond
Joint Agreement
Joint Performance Bond
Joint Performance Bond Page 2
Joint Payment Bond
Joint Payment Bond Page 2
Joint General Conditions
Joint Supplementary Conditions
Joint Standard Specifications
Line Item Unit Price Spreadsheet

Stand Alone CBPW Project Contract Documents

Stand Alone Project Submittal Guide
Stand Alone Title Page
Stand Alone Table of Contents
Stand Alone Certification
Stand Alone Notice to Bidders
Stand Alone Instructions to Bidders
Stand Alone Bid Bond
Stand Alone Agreement
Stand Alone Performance Bond
Stand Alone Performance Bond Page 2
Stand Alone Payment Bond
Stand Alone Payment Bond Page 2
Stand Alone General Conditions
Stand Alone Supplementary Conditions
Stand Alone Standard Specifications
Line Item Unit Price Spreadsheet

Specifications for Public Improvements

Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS)
Iowa SUDAS Website

City of Council Bluffs Supplemental Specifications with Drawings
Supplemental Specifications
Supplemental Drawings
Special Provision No. 2 Pollution Prevention Plan
Special Provision No. 3 Dewatering
Special Provision No. 1 Confined Space Entry
Traffic Signal Specifications 2020
Special Provisions for Traffic Signal Specifications 2020
City of Council Bluffs LED Luminaire Spec TS 250

Capital Improvement Project Procedures

Plan Quantity Divisions
General Notes
Record Drawing Guidelines

Standard Forms

Engineer Pre-qualification Form
Annual Update Engineer Pre-qualification Form

Contractor Evaluation Report
CB Municipal SWPPP Inspection Form
CB Weekly Report
Change Order Memo Form
Temporary Right of Entry
Work Change Directive
Field Order