Traffic Maintenance

The Traffic Maintenance Division is responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of traffic control devices in Council Bluffs. These devices include traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings. This division also maintains all of the parking meters in Council Bluffs and all city-owned street lights. 

The mission of this division is to provide for the safe and efficient operation of motor vehicles on the roadway system within the city. This mission is accomplished by using the latest materials, equipment, technology, and standards coupled with good maintenance practices, professional engineering judgment, coordinating efforts with other agencies, and utilizing input from the general public.


Andy Wicks, the city's Traffic Engineer, is responsible for the operations of the Traffic Maintenance Division as well as being involved in many of the traffic engineering decisions such as sign locations, determining traffic control devices, maintaining traffic count databases, reviewing signal system designs, and researching new technologies which makes the division operate more efficiently and provides for safe and efficient driving for motorists. The Traffic Engineer is also involved in public relations with the community and works with groups across the city and region related to traffic engineering and operations.

Sign Section

Three technicians in the sign section are responsible for maintaining over 20,000 street signs within the City. Those signs have a typical life of 10 years, which means that approximately 2,000 signs need to be replaced every year. The Sign Technicians are also capable of fabricating street signs using computerized sign production equipment, although most common signs are purchased from Iowa Prison Industries.
The sign section paints over 120 lane-miles of center line pavement markings and hundreds of crosswalks and stop lines, using over 4,000 gallons of paint and 15 tons of reflective glass beads every year. This section is also responsible for setting up road closures and detours within the city and assists other departments in setting up work zones for street maintenance.

Signal Section

There are currently 94 signalized intersections, 14 signalized pedestrian crossings, 31 warning flashers and 900 city-owned street lights in Council Bluffs, all maintained by two Traffic Signal Technicians. These two skilled and highly trained technicians do everything from changing light bulbs to troubleshooting complex computer networks.


Meter Section

One Meter Technician is responsible for collections, installations, and maintenance of nearly 800 parking meters in Council Bluffs. Although parking meters are a revenue generator for the city, their main function is to regulate parking time.

Parking Meters

Parking Meter Map