Street  Division

The Streets Division is comprised of 28 employees and is responsible for maintenance of 585 lane miles of city streets along with unimproved roads, alley's, ROW mowing, street sweeping, ADA ramps and city owned sidewalks.
Streets budgets $350,000 annually for 2" thick Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) overlays on several city streets. During these street improvements ADA ramps are repaired or installed along with curb and gutter repairs. This work is mostly performed by streets repair staff. Street1.jpg
Streets budgets $350,000 annually for concrete panel replacement of city streets. through this process concrete panels are removed, sub-grade established and pinned before pouring the new concrete. Street2.jpg
Street3.jpg Due to the Midwest climates and freeze thaw temps we see a wide variety of potholes in city streets. The street division is on the constant look out for these conditions and responds to citizen complaints of potholes. Public Works Operations averages $110-140 thousand dollars annually on pothole repairs.
Snow removal is a big part of the streets division job and is performed with the assistance from sewer and other divisions on a 24 hour schedule when snow events develop. Street4.jpg
Street5.jpg Public Works averages 4-7 thousand tons of salt and 25-30 thousand gallons of liquid deicer annually to maintain and keep city streets safe for commuting. Snow maintenance cost range from $1.2-1.5 million dollars annually. Street6.jpg
Hours of Operation 7:00AM-3:00PM Mon-Fri.

Contact Information:

Street Supervisor: Dennis Dofner 712-328-4641
Street Foreman: Pete Pedersen 712-328-4641
For Emergencies After Hours Call 712-328-5737 (Non Emergency Police Communications)