Public Works


Frank Street - Beginning Monday, September 21, 2020
Frank Street will be closed from East Broadway to Kanesville Boulevard beginning Monday morning at 7:30 am for approximately one week for concrete street repairs. 

Eastern Hills Drive - Project Update - Beginning Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A new traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 92 and Eastern Hills Drive (previously State Orchard Road) will become operational. The traffic signal is currently flashing yellow to acclimate drivers to the new signal. Please be cautious as you drive through this area. The project is still on schedule for a late September completion.

Oakland Drive - Beginning Monday, July 13, 2020

Road work on Oakland Drive from Military Avenue to Oak Park Road including the intersection of Military and Oakland Drive.

9th Avenue - Beginning Monday, July 13, 2020

There will be traffic control along 9th Avenue from Service Road B to Dodge Riverside. 9th Avenue will be reduced to 2 lanes.  I-29 northbound ramp access will be closed from 9th Avenue and detoured to Nebraska Ave. Southbound trucks will not be allowed to turn left onto 9th Avenue from S. 37th Street and will be detoured to Nebraska Ave.

Summer street painting


Some of our streets will receive a fresh coat of paint this summer!

Public Works has crews out repainting crosswalks and stop lines, with the priority being the main streets, downtown areas, and around schools.

Please remember to drive safely and observe the cones on center lines and the "skip" lines to avoid wet paint. When driving, stay at least 50 feet back from the paint vehicle in case of sudden stops, and watch for cones at crosswalks and on legends that indicate wet paint. Wet paint will stick to your car if you drive over it.

Eastern Hills Drive Detour Map

Eastern Hills Drive - Beginning Friday, June 12, 2020

The intersection of Highway 92 and State Orchard Road will be open only for residents living along State Orchard Road.​

Eastern Hills Drive - Beginning Wednesday, June 10, 2020 

The intersection of State Orchard Road and Eastern Hills Drive will be closed for construction. This intersection will remain closed for the duration of the Eastern Hills Drive project. The project is currently tracking to be completed in mid-September, but is weather dependent. During the closure alternate routes will be McPherson Avenue and Highway 6.

Eastern Hills Drive - Beginning Monday, April 20, 2020 
State Orchard Road will be closed from Greenview Road north to just south of Eastern Hills Drive until the fall of 2020. This includes the intersection of State Orchard Road and Greenview Road. Detours will be posted.



REMINDER: Please only flush toilet paper!
The trash racks at the sanitary pumping stations throughout the city pull out all of the trash before pushing liquid through to be treated. 

With an influx of people using disinfectant wipes for sanitizing people are flushing more non-flushable items than normal. Non-flushable items are clogging the sewer lines. Toilet paper breaks down in water, but other items, including flushable wipes and ramen noodle packaging, do not. Even if the package states “flushable,” the item can still clog the sewer line. Unclogging pipes is costly and time-consuming. 
If it is not toilet paper, put it in the garbage!

Public Works Overview 

The Public Works Department is the second largest city department with 127 employees. 

The Public Works Director oversees all the divisions within the department. The Engineering Division oversees Engineering, Right-of-Way, and Water Pollution Control. The Operations Division oversees Streets, Sewers, Traffic, Equipment Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, Central Stores, and Recycling. 

Public Works Organizational Structure Chart


The Council Bluffs Public Works Department was one of three public works departments nationwide to be selected to receive the American Public Works Association 2014 National Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award.

Council Bluffs Snow and Ice Control Award

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