Traffic Unit / Special Operations

Duties and Responsibilities

The Council Bluffs Police Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic enforcement, special events coordination, and accident investigation. A sergeant leads the unit and there are normally two officers assigned to the unit on each shift.

The traffic unit coordinates special traffic enforcement functions.  Drunk driving, railroad, speed, and seat belt enforcement projects are common throughout the year. The Iowa Governors Traffic Safety Bureau funds overtime, through grants, for officers to work special enforcement projects.

The unit is responsible for planning special events throughout the year. The traffic unit plans annual events such as the Celebrate CB Parade, Veteran's Day Parade, Pride Parade, several organized races and Lake Manawa Fireworks. Officers also plan and coordinate routes for dignitary visits.

The K-9 Unit is assigned to the Special Operations unit also.  The Council Bluffs Police Department has 3 K-9's at this time.  

unit cars non Investigations

Each officer within the traffic unit has received specialized training in accident investigation.  The traffic unit investigates all serious injury and fatal crashes.  Two or more investigators are called out to each scene. Officers also assist in documenting major crime scenes.  Officers also follow up on the majority of unsolved hit and run accidents.  

The unit uses the latest technology to document accident scenes The accident investigation unit currently uses laser scanners and drones to map scenes.  Digital photographs are taken at all serious injury and fatal crash scenes.  Once a scene is mapped, officers download the information into a computer.  Investigators use diagramming software to draw scale diagrams of the incident.

Unit Organization

There are currently 10 investigators in the accident investigation unit.  The unit is divided into two teams, each led by an accident reconstructionist.  

Traffic Officers

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