Housing Programs for Residents

Community Development Block Grant: The City receives approximately $950,000 annually to assist low-moderate income residents and blight remediation. Funds support nonprofit service providers, provide down payment assistance to qualified homebuyers, provide housing rehabilitation for qualified households, and create new housing opportunities and derelict building demolition. 

Down Payment Assistance: Our Community Development Department, in partnership with local home builders, administers a Down Payment Assistance Program to help individuals and families purchase a home. 

Lead Hazard Reduction ProgramThe City of Council Bluffs has been awarded a grant to remove lead paint in homes built before 1978. The program is available to eligible homeowners and renters and can give parents and caregivers peace of mind that their children are safe from lead poisoning at home.

Safe Housing Program: This program assists and supports homeowners needing repairs to correct hazardous housing conditions. 

Affected Properties Home Improvement Program: This program provides financial assistance and support to homeowners needing repairs or improvements to their property.

IMG_1539 (2)Council Bluffs Home Improvement Programs
Council Bluffs Home Improvement Programs