Camera Database Program

We have an exciting new way for citizens and businesses in Council Bluffs to help us investigate crimes! Many homeowners, property owners, and businesses use camera systems to protect their properties. The Council Bluffs Police Department often requests owners to check their systems to see if they captured an incident. To make this process more thorough, CBPD has started a database for camera owners. If you are interested in assisting with solving crimes, CBPD asks that you click HERE to enroll your camera. 

  • Participation is voluntary. 
  • CBPD will only ask for contact information for the owner or business and what type of coverage you have available.  
  • At no time will the Department ask for login information or have access to your system.  
  • At any time, the homeowner or business will be removed from the Department database upon request of the system owner.  
  • Information collected and stored in our records management system will be encrypted and only used as described below. 

When an incident occurs in the area of a homeowner or business, CBPD officers or detectives may contact those near the incident to see if they have coverage of the incident. The homeowner or business may voluntarily release footage to the Department. Having your system listed in the CBPD database does not require an owner to release any footage to the Council Bluffs Police Department. Any footage released by a homeowner or business to the Department may be used in any portion of the investigative or court processes.

Enroll your cameras in the CBPD Camera Database Program here!