E. Manawa Subdivision

The E. Manawa subdivision is a proposed development of 93 acres of vacant ground into predominately residential housing for all income levels. There is some commercial development proposed as part of the ‘main street’ apartments. The project will include construction of new City infrastructure including streets, storm sewer, water main and sanitary sewer. The conceptual plan provides a basic roadmap for the proposed development and shows a proposed construction phasing plan. The phasing plan is divided into five proposed areas that provide a conceptual layout, but it will be up to developers to finalize the layout of the individual areas, which may include interchanging housing types. It is the City’s intent to request proposals from developers to purchase individual areas to develop. There is an existing Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) pipe that diagonals across the site. The pipe provides water from Mosquito Creek to maintain the water level of Lake Manawa. The pipe will remain in place. The detention areas shown are for holding stormwater during major rain events. On May 24, 2023 a conceptual plan was presented at a public open house that took place at the Presbyterian Church located at 224 Wallace Avenue.

E. Manawa Subdivision Conceptual Site Layout as shown at the May 24, 2023 Public Open House

E. Manawa Subdivision Conceptual Site Layout cropped

If you have questions please contact Marianne Collins, City of Council Bluffs at 712-890-5356/[email protected] or John Jorgensen, HGM Associates at 712-524-8394/ [email protected].