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Youth Basketball Registration ends December 6, 2019

About Us

Council Bluffs Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of quality of life by providing safe, active and passive recreational opportunities within our parks and along our trails.  

The Parks and Recreation Department has five divisions: 
1) The Administrative Division oversees the administration function of the Department;
2) The Parks Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of our parks and facilities;
3) The Horticulture and Grounds Division is responsible for our urban tree management programs, street-side plantings and medians;
4) The Recreation Complex Division is responsible for managing our premier sports complex and the other  sports fields within the city; and
5) The Recreation and Events Division manages our youth and adult sports leagues, our community events, and the aquatic centers. 

Tell us, talk to us, let us know!!

We want to hear from you, our patrons, on what you think is needed in the park system, for recreation activities, and for events.