Administrative Approval Policy

Administrative Approval Policy

Under the current provisions of Title 16, Historic Preservation, of the Council Bluffs Municipal Code, all proposed exterior modifications involving a locally designated historic district, landmark and/or landmark site must be reviewed and issued a ‘Certificate of Appropriateness’ by the Council Bluffs Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) prior to construction or installation. In an effort to streamline the review process and reduce the timeframe for project and permit review, this policy is intended to accomplish the following:

  • Allow the Community Development Director, or their designee, the administrative ability to review and approve certain exterior modifications within a locally designated historic district, landmark and/or landmark site.
  • Provide guidance on which items require review by the HPC and which items are eligible for administrative review.

Applicants looking to apply for an administrative review shall submit a completed Historic Preservation Commission application with all required documents and the application fee to the Community Development Department for review. Once a complete application is received, staff will determine if the proposed work qualifies for an administrative review.

If Staff: (1) is uncertain whether or not an application meets the criteria for issuing an administrative approval, (2) recommends denial of an administrative approval application, or (3) determines that an application does not meet the criteria for administrative approval, the application will be placed on the next available HPC meeting agenda.

Administrative Review Resources: