MidAmerican Energy Adventure Tower

A new riverfront amenity is coming soon to River’s Edge Park!

Thanks to a $5 million contribution from MidAmerican Energy, the observation and adventure tower will be named MidAmerican Energy Adventure Tower.

MidAmerican Energy Adventure Tower is a 138-foot tall observation tower with multiple platforms on different levels taking visitors above the trees to experience the expansive and unique river, woodland, and city views. 

An adventure course provides challenging outdoor activities, including an outdoor 50' climbing wall, simulated caving experiences, and a roll-glide ride. 

  • The climbing wall is designed to meet the requirements of a pre-Olympic site for speed climbing. 
  • The roll-glide apparatus slides patrons down one of two 480' tracks, suspended in the air by a specialized harness. 
  • Visitors can also climb through 400 lineal feet of simulated cave environments.

The tower will be built above the flood zone, at the levee system's elevation, to allow opportunities for use when the Missouri River levels fluctuate. An elevated walkway from the levee provides access. The structure will be supported by piles driven to bedrock and designed for flood conditions, including the potential impacts from ice. Public seating and restroom facilities will be connected to the elevated walkway.   

“We have diligently evaluated the design of the tower based on long-term operational and maintenance costs," said Vincent Martorello, Director of Parks and Recreation at the City of Council Bluffs. “In doing so, we’ve selected durable materials that are readily available and design solutions that don’t require mechanical parts or electronic systems such as a rolling door vs electronically operated doors.”

In addition to the tower, plans for River's Edge Phase Four include a treetop walk and a pier. 

Southwest Iowa Nonprofit for Collective Impact (SINC) is conducting the fundraising and management for River's Edge Phase Four in partnership with the City of Council Bluffs. 

Phase Four is funded entirely by private donations; tax increases are not part of the funding plan. 

The estimated budget is $50 million, and the Iowa West Foundation has provided the lead gift of $15 million.

midamerican tower
MidAmerican Adventure Tower 1
MidAmerican Adventure Tower 2
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