Our Fallen Officers

Their Sacrifices Will Not Be Forgotten

Six Council Bluffs officers have given their lives in the line-of-duty. Their names are engraved at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. We encourage you to visit the memorial and join us in honoring all of the brave men and women in this country who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

September 3, 1905, Patrol Driver Charles C. Platner

 Platner PhotoPatrol Driver Charles C. Platner, 49, died from a gunshot wound while attempting to apprehend a burglar near  the 400 block of Oakland  Avenue.  Platner was an active and faithful officer who knew no such emotion as  fear; the Daily Nonpareil described him as being "one of the nerviest men on the police force." Platner, son of  Mr. and Mrs. Ira Platner, pioneer residents of Council Bluffs, is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery.

Platner Memorial

July  29, 1907, Detective George W. Wilson

Wilson PhotoDetective George W. Wilson, 50, died from gunshot wounds sustained in a gun battle on Harrison Street near Mount Vernon.  Wilson was attempting to apprehend a man who had earlier shot and wounded Patrolman William H. Richardson.  Chief of Police George H. Richmond described Wilson as "absolutely  fearless."  The Daily Nonpareil described Wilson as "big of body, a man of unusual physical power, devoted to duty and firm."  The newspaper also called him clean, square, true, brave, honest, cool-headed, and fair.  Hundreds attended Wilson's funeral services and burial at Walnut Hill Cemetery.

Wilson Memorial

May 1, 1935, Sergeant Wilbur B. "Webb" Miller

Miller PhotoSergeant Wilbur B. "Webb" Miller, 37, died from a gunshot wound suffered in a gun battle with armed robbers. Miller, on motorcycle, chased the robbers from Council Bluffs into Omaha, Nebraska, until their getaway car crashed into a parked truck  at 310 North 10th Street.   Miller fatally wounded one of the robbers in the gun battle.  Thousands crowded into the  funeral service for Miller at Cutler Chapel, spilling out into Baylis Park.  Thousands more lined the funeral procession route to Memorial Park Cemetery. Miller left a widow and five children.

Miller Memorial

December 5, 1967, Officer John L. Stephens

Stephens PhotoOfficer Stephens had been working plain-clothes security at the "64 Club" when he and the club manager were shot and killed by armed robbers. Hundred attended Officer Stephens'  funeral. Chief of Police  William Swassing declared a 30-day mourning period. The 64 club, a popular restaurant owned by George Eflas, used to stand just north of East Kanesville and McKenzie Avenue.  Officer Stephens was 32 years old at the time of his death.  He was a graduate of Omaha South High School and had been a foreman for an Omaha lumber yard before joining the Council Bluffs Police Department in 1960.

Stephens Memorial

June  30, 1971, Lieutenant C. E. "Pat" Moore

Moore Photo Lieutenant C. E. "Pat" Moore, 51, was shot and killed by an armed bank robber who, while  fleeing from officers, had taken a woman hostage inside 3113 Fifth Avenue.  The robber was shot and killed moments after Moore was shot.  Moore, a 27 year veteran of the force, and the  first to head the department's Youth Bureau, was also a talented artist and painter.  The City Council passed a proclamation honoring Lieutenant Moore and flags flew at half-staff across  the city for days.

Moore Memorial

October 24, 1974, Officer Ronald G. Roberts

Roberts PhotoOfficer Ronald G. Roberts, 29, died from injuries received on May 1, 1972 when he was struck by an Omaha, Nebraska police cruiser.  Roberts had been on foot directing traffic at 35th and W. Broadway due to malfunctioning traffic signals when an Omaha Police officer pursued the driver of a car into Council Bluffs from I-480. The Omaha cruiser skidded while trying to turn the corner at 35th Street and struck Roberts.  Roberts was hospitalized in critical condition and drifted in and out of a coma for months.  Community support for Roberts was overwhelming, including fund raisers by Pizza Hut and State Bank and Trust Company.  Roberts succumbed to the injuries 29 months after the collision.

Roberts Memorial