River's Edge Phase 4

Southwest Iowa Nonprofit for Collective Impact (SINC) is conducting the fundraising and management for River's Edge Phase Four in partnership with the City of Council Bluffs. 

Tax increases are not part of the River's Edge funding plan. Phase Four is funded entirely by private donations which have been raised by SINC. The estimated budget is $50 million, and all of the funds have been committed by private donors and area foundations. The Iowa West Foundation provided the lead gift of $15 million.

Phase Four will improve the area north of Tom Hanafan Park. Plans include:

  • Belles' Play Garden (2022)
  • A Treetop Walk
  • MidAmerican Adventure Adventure Tower
  • A Pier (2024)

September 2021 River's Edge News Release
March 2021 River's Edge News Release

midamerican tower

Flood Mitigation

The design team has mitigated the potential for flooding within their recommended concepts. All of the proposed structures will be designed to withstand the force of floodwaters and will be built above the flood zone and at the levee system's elevation. 

Invasive trees and plant material that are detrimental to shoreline stability and ecology will be removed from River's Edge. All proposed trees and vegetation shall consist of native species that intend to restore the riverfront's ecosystem. The plant material will be compatible with flooding conditions.
Belles' Play Garden (2022)
  • Missouri River-inspired play and educational elements
  •  A 15-foot-tall pelican play structure
Woodland Restoration (Begins 2021)
  • Clean up 90 acres of damage from 2019 flood
  • Establish mulch hiking trails through forest floor
  • Provides an intimate experience with nature
Treetop Walk (2022)
  • 2,480 Linear feet of elevated treetop walk through woodland
  • Connected to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
  • Provides an elevated experience with nature
Observation Tower (2023)
  • 130 Feet above the forest floor
  • Takes users above trees
  • Provides unique views of the river, woodland, and city
Climbing Adventure Course (2023)
  • Challenging outdoor experience and fun physical activity
  • 50' Climbing wall 
  • Caving
  • Roll gliding
The Pier (2024)
  • Provides an above water experience
  • Takes users beyond the river's edge

Conceptual Rendering Below Treetop Walk

Conceptual Rendering of Treetop Walk

Conceptual Rendering Above Treetop Walk

Conceptual Rendering of Treetop Walk