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Tune in to "On FIRST" to hear what’s happening along 1st Avenue in Council Bluffs, Iowa. City of Council Bluffs Communications Officer Ashley Kruse and Community Development Director Brandon Garrett explore the transformative project and share everything from the specific details to the big picture vision for the future. 

Starting with the history of 1st Avenue (a former rail line), we zoom in on the project, talk with the experts, hear from the stakeholders, and divulge plans for trails, transit, and redevelopment. Tune in to each episode to find out who’s “On FIRST” with Ashley and Brandon.

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On FIRST Episodes:

  1. On First with Pete Tulipana

    Ashley and Brandon sat down with Pete Tulipana, President and CEO of the Iowa West Foundation, before his retirement. Pete describes his vision of FIRST AVE and talks about his involvement thus far. 

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  2. On First with Mayor Matt Walsh

    City of Council Bluffs Communications Officer, Ashley Kruse, and Community Development Director, Brandon Garrett, talk with Mayor Matt Walsh about the First Ave project. 

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  3. What is FIRST AVE

    City of Council Bluffs Community Development Director explains the FIRST AVE project.

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