What we do:
  • Provide legal services to the Mayor, City Council, and all City departments; 
  • Provide legal guidance to the various independent boards and commissions in connection with the function of city government;
  • Process and investigate claims against the City;
  • Prosecute criminal and civil court cases to enforce the laws of the City; 
  • Defend the City and its employees in lawsuits that may arise out their official duties; and
  • Process and investigate Civil Rights complaints.
The Legal department does not provide legal advice to persons concerning private matters not involving the City.

Need to register your alarm system? Alarm Permit Application

Need to file a claim against the City? City Claim Form

Need to request a police report or other information from the City? Investigative File Request Form

Need to protest a Request for Bid (RFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP)? Protest Procedures