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2020 Athlete Guide w/ Heat Start Times

The CB Indoor Triathlon is presented by Council Bluffs Parks & Recreation in partnership with the YMCA. 

Unlike a traditional triathlon which covers fixed distances of swimming, cycling, and running, indoor triathlons challenge competitors to achieve the greatest distance in a fixed time frame. 

This event is for adults 18 years and older. Space is limited. Registration is open until February 11th. Register for CB Indoor Triathlon

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Indoor Triathlon FAQs

Are relay teams accepted?
This year, we are only accepting individuals. No relays.  

How do you count laps in the pool? 
We measure your swim distance in lengths, not laps. Each time you touch the wall counts as one length. Volunteers will be at each lane counting for you. 

How many swimmers to a lane?
There will be six people her heat/ wave and two people to a lane (split lane).  

Do I have to swim a certain stroke? 
No, you can swim any stroke you like, including dog paddle, side stroke, elementary backstroke, etc. You may walk if absolutely necessary.

What if I need a break during the swim?
You may rest on the walls or stand on the bottom of the pool to rest. You may stop to rest for as long as you like, but keep in mind the clock is ticking! 

Can I wear a life jacket or use a snorkel during the swim?
No. Any flotation devices, snorkels, or fins are not allowed during this event. 

Will there be a place to change out of my swimsuit? 
The locker rooms will serve as your transition area. You will have 10 minutes to change out of your suit, into your biking and running gear. This goes much faster than you think, so keep moving. You should bring your running stuff with you to the spin studio as you will not have time to go back to the locker room after the cycle portion. If you are not a YMCA member, we will provide you with a locker key for use during the event.

What type of bikes do we use? 
All participants will use the indoor spin bikes located in the spin studio. There is a 10-minute transition between swim and bike to change and set up the bike (adjust handlebar height, seat height, etc.). Participants can go to the cycle studio before their heat to determine preferred bike settings to quickly adjust the bike in the transition. 

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How do you keep track of distance on an indoor bike?
All bikes will have a power console that can accurately track distance, speed, and power. After the 20-minute cycle, the distance shown on the bike power console will be recorded.

What is the resistance like on an indoor bike?
Each participant will be able to set their resistance at a level that is comfortable for their ability.  Keep in mind; injuries can occur if you spin too fast, so we recommend each participant set the tension at a level that is safe and comfortable based on their cycle experience.

What is the incline on the treadmill?
You may leave the incline at zero on the treadmill or any higher setting that you prefer. 

Can I use headphones for music during the bike and run?
Absolutely. Headphones are allowed for the bike and run (and for those of you techies with the waterproof headphones, you may use them in the pool as well). We will have music playing overhead in the cycle studio. 

When and where will results be posted? 
Results will be posted following the conclusion of the event on the city’s website. 

How are points calculated?
Total available points are based on the total number of participants in the event. For this example, let’s say there are 100 people in the event. The athlete who swam the farthest in the pool receives 100 points. The second farthest swim receives 99 points, and so on. Same for the bike and run. The three scores for each participant are totaled for an overall score. 

Can my child participate with me?
If they are 18 years or older, yes. We will do our best to put family members in the same wave, but cannot guarantee it. Please note that children eight and under require adult supervision at all times. Please arrange adult supervision for your child during your participation time.  

What equipment should I bring? 
The basics: swimsuit, goggles, towel, cycling/ running attire, water bottle. Optional, but nice to have: tri shorts, cycling shoes, hair tie, hat.