Pump Stations

An extension of the Treatment Plant, and equally as important, is the operation and maintenance of its pump stations. There are 22 sanitary and 15 storm sewer pump stations located within the city and along the levee system. These 37 different stations require constant observance and maintenance to keep flows consistent to the Treatment Plant and Missouri River.

The sanitary pump stations are designed to convey the collected waste stream to the Treatment Plant. Of these 22 stations, 5 are connected directly to a pipe linking the City to the Treatment Plant. This pipe is called a "force main". It is 36 to 42 inches in diameter and approximately 8 miles long. The largest of the 5 force main stations is located north of the I-80 bridge at the Missouri River. It handles about 80% of the City’s waste stream and has a pumping capacity of 30 million gallons per day. At nearly 30 feet deep with 5 major pumps, this station today would cost over $50 million to replace.