Manawa City Park

Manawa City Park (Navajo and Mohawk St) is approximately one acre in size. 

This neighborhood park is undergoing a renovation that is expected to be completed in the spring of 2024, but the new playground should be ready this fall.

New additions include an alpha tower play structure, an accessible merry-go-round, and a swing set with an ADA molded seat swing, all with a rubberized play surface. 

There will be a new 20' picnic shelter, a hard surface play area with basketball hoops, and skate elements, including a kinked grind rail and a quarter pipe. 

Manawa City Park will also have a sensory garden with an internal trail system, play panels, and unique landscaping. 

Iowa Smokefree Air Act--smoking is prohibited during any and all events taking place in the park.

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Manawa City Prelim Plan Layout_07-12-22