Curbside Recycling Collection 

Recycling collection occurs every other week, and your schedule can be found on the WasteConnect app or by entering your address below.

Click on the Wizard button to search an item for recycling and disposal information.

Recycling is single-stream, so there is no need to sort your recyclables. All acceptable recyclables can go in the same 96-gallon recycling cart (blue lid). To help limit contamination, rinse food and drink containers.

Additional 96-gallon recycling carts (blue lid) are available for $60 per year. To order, call Waste Connections or use the WasteConnect app. 

City carts must be used for collection. All materials must fit in the cart with the lid closed; anything placed outside the cart will not be collected. Do not bag recycling. 

To report a missed collection, call Waste Connections at (712) 890-5549.

Accepted Recyclables

  • Cardboard: broken down, brown paper bags, food and beverage boxes, etc.
  • Metals: rinsed food and beverage cans, etc.
  • Paper: cartons, newspapers, junk mail, magazines, books, etc.
  • Plastic containers: anything with a twist-off lid, plus margarine and yogurt containers

Not Accepted

Please do not place the following items in your recycling carts: plastic bags, paper towels, to-go containers, berry containers, glass, electrical equipment, batteries, clothing, and toys. 

Please recycle glass at the Council Bluffs Recycling Center or at the drop-off containers around town. Visit for additional information. 

Printable Recycling Calendars

2023/ 2024 Recycling Calendar

Recycling Carts 

Place carts and materials within five feet of the traveled roadway by 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. Leave three feet between carts and other objects. Do not place under low-hanging branches or other overhead obstructions. There are no set times for collection. Garbage, recycling, and yard waste set out after 7 a.m. may not be collected.

If you would like a smaller cart, you can select a 48-gallon garbage or recycling cart.  One size change is allowed per year. Changes to cart sizes can be made after October 1, 2023, via the WasteConnect app or by calling (712) 890-5549. There are no cost savings for smaller carts.

Carts are property of the City of Council Bluffs. Each cart is numbered and registered to the address where it was delivered. If you are moving, please leave the carts at the home for the next resident.

If your cart is damaged, call Waste Connections at (712) 890-5549 or submit a report on the WasteConnect app. 

Council Bluffs Recycling Center

The Council Bluffs Recycling Center offers drop-off containers throughout the town and accepts a variety of items on-site, including paper, plastic, cardboard, appliances, electronics, tree debris, and so much more. Visit for details. 

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