Garbage and Yard Waste Collection

Waste Connections

Waste Connections is contracted by the City of Council Bluffs to provide the following services to residents:

  • Weekly garbage and yard waste collection
  • Bi-weekly single-stream recycling collection  
  • Seasonal yard waste collection (April 15 - May 31 and October 15 - November 30)
  • Two appliance collections per year 
  • Two bulky waste collections per year (couch, carpet, etc.)
  • Special collection for the disabled

To schedule appliance, bulky waste, or special collection, or report a missed collection, call Waste Connections at (712) 890-5549.

Garbage and Yard Waste Collection Guidelines

Yard waste can be combined with garbage year-round in your 96-gallon garbage cart (black lid). Yard waste includes grass clippings, garden waste, leaves, branches, limbs, shrubs, and flowers. 

City carts must be used for collection. All materials must fit in the cart with the lid closed; bags placed outside the cart without appropriate bag tags will not be collected.

  • Collection is limited to one 96-gallon cart
  • Weight is limited to 335 pounds
  • Additional 96-gallon (black lid) carts are available for $120 per year. To order, call Waste Connections or use the WasteConnect app
  • Extra bag tags can be purchased ($3 each) at the Recycling Center, the City Treasurer's Office, and several area grocery stores
  • Garbage must be bagged - 30-pound limit per bag
  • Garbage must be household only; no business-generated garbage, or garbage from another residence
  • Yard waste does not need to be bagged
  • Items not accepted in garbage or recycling include hot ashes, ammunition, bricks, car parts, concrete, construction material, etc.

Seasonal Yard Waste Collection

You can set out additional paper yard waste bags (30-pound limit per bag), and bundled brush and branches during peak times (April 15 - May 31 and October 15 - November 30) on your regular collection day. Bundles must be secured and less than 4’ in length, 2’ in diameter, and 60 pounds with branches less than 3" in diameter.

Live Christmas Tree Recycling

With the implementation of the new carted collection program, Christmas Trees are no longer collected at the curb.

Residents of Council Bluffs may bring their Christmas trees to the Council Bluffs Recycling Center at no charge through January. Non-residents and commercial entities will be charged $30 per ton with a $5 minimum charge covering up to 340 pounds. Remove all lights, nails, ornaments, tinsel, wire, steel or wooden stands, and all plastic tree bags.


Recycling your grass clippings is as easy as mulching grass instead of bagging! You can also raise your mowing height for smaller grass clippings that will break down quickly. Not only will this minimize the amount of yard waste, but grass-cycling also decreases your need for fertilizer, lessens water evaporation, and increases the health of your soils!

Cart Placement 

Place carts and materials within five feet of the traveled roadway by 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. Leave three feet between carts and other objects. Do not place under low-hanging branches or other overhead obstructions. There are no set times for collection. Garbage, recycling, and yard waste set out after 7 a.m. may not be collected.

City Garbage Carts

The City provides each household with a 96-gallon recycling cart and a 96-gallon garbage cart. Only these carts can be used for collection. Other carts and cans will not be collected.

If you would like a smaller cart, you can select a 48-gallon garbage or recycling cart.  One size change is allowed per year. Changes to cart sizes can be made after October 1, 2023, via the WasteConnect app or by calling (712) 890-5549. There are no cost savings for smaller carts.

Carts are property of the City of Council Bluffs. Each cart is numbered and registered to the address where it was delivered. If you are moving, please leave the carts at the home for the next resident.

If your cart is damaged, call Waste Connections at (712) 890-5549 or submit a report on the WasteConnect app. 

If your cart is stolen, please follow these steps:

Step 1: File a police report online at or call the Police Department (712) 328-4716.

Step 2: Once you have your police report number, call Waste Connections at (712) 890-5549 or submit a report on the WasteConnect app.

*For information on the disposal of used oil, automotive products, paints, or chemicals, visit the Recycling Center's Household Hazardous Materials webpage.

City Garbage and Recycling Carts