Curbside Garbage

The City of Council Bluffs offers residents curbside garbage collection. Garbage is picked up on the same day as recycling and yard waste. To report a missed collection call Waste Connections at (712) 256-2288.

Garbage Collection Guidelines:

  • Garbage must be bagged
  • Collection is limited to three 32-gallon garbage cans, bags, or one 95-gallon City-approved Poly-cart
  • Weight is limited to 60lbs/ garbage can or 30lbs/ bag
  • Garbage must be household only, no business-generated garbage, or garbage from another residence
  • Items not accepted in garbage or recycling include hot ashes, ammunition, bricks, car parts, concrete, construction material, etc.
  • Set materials within five feet of the traveled roadway by 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. There are no set times for collection. Garbage, recycling, and yard waste set out after 7 a.m. may not be collected.

Extra Bag Tags

  • Each bag over limit must be marked with an extra bag tag
    • An extra Poly-cart requires three extra bag tags
    • Extra bag tags can be purchased ($2.50 each) at the Recycling Center, the City Treasurer's Office, and several area grocery stores including Fareway, both Hy-Vee stores, Family Fare, and Super Saver
    • Place extra bag tags in a prominent place on the item to ensure proper collection
    • Each extra bag tag may only be used once

Purchase a Poly-cart

The City of Council Bluffs is currently exploring options for a new solid waste collection contract starting July 1, 2023.  Under consideration, is upgrading to an automated collection system.  Automated collection will require the distribution of two-96 gallon waste carts to every residence on City collection services.  One cart will be used for garbage and yard waste, the other for comingled recycling without glass.

If the plan is adopted, existing City approved poly carts, resident owned trash cans and the current blue recycling containers will become obsolete. With the implementation of this system, we encourage residents to repurpose and reuse them for other activities, if possible.  There will be a program to allow the old collection containers to be recycled or disposed.

Residents on City waste services may obtain a City-approved 95-gallon Poly-cart at the Council Bluffs Recycling Center for $82.00. Carts can be delivered for an extra $10.00. 
Carts must be purchased in person at the Recycling Center or Treasurer's Office. For more information contact the Recycling Center at 712-890-5454 or the Treasurer's Office at 712-890-5316.