Commercial Hauler Permits

Pursuant to Council Bluffs Municipal Code 4.12, all commercial vehicles collecting solid waste within the City limits must be inspected and licensed with the City of Council Bluffs. Please read the Letter to Commercial Haulers.

Commercial Hauler Permit Applications and payment (in the form of cash or check) must be filed with the Council Bluffs Recycling Center before January 1 of each year. In addition, all trucks must be inspected at the Council Bluffs Recycling Center before February 1 of each year.

No appointments are needed for inspections. Inspections may be performed during normal Council Bluffs Recycling Center hours of operation.
  • Use the Inspection Requirements List to ensure your vehicle will pass the inspection before you arrive at the Recycling Center. 
  • Once vehicles are inspected and licensed, a decal will be issued for each vehicle. 
  • The current charge is $40 for pick-ups and $75 for larger vehicles. 
Monthly Tonnage Reports of all material collected within the City of Council Bluffs must be submitted to the Council Bluffs Recycling Center either through postal mail or email [email protected] in a timely manner.

Vehicles not in compliance with Municipal Code 4.12 will be subject to an $750 fine plus surcharge and court costs.