Purchase Poly-Carts

95-Gallon Poly-carts


Residents on City waste services who would like to obtain a City-approved 95-gallon Poly-cart may purchase one at the Council Bluffs Recycling Center for $60.00. Carts can be delivered for an extra $10.00 charge by contacting the Recycling Center at 712-890-5454 or the Treasurer's Office at 712-890-5316.

Poly-carts have a ten-year, pro-rated warranty against defects and can be used for yard waste or regular garbage, in separate carts.  Please label yard waste carts with a prominent "Y".  Carts are not returnable.

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Cart Dimensions

Depth 33 1/3"
Width 29 1/4"
Height 43 1/2"
Weight 36 pounds