Community Development conducts the following routine inspections: 

Septic Systems

Apply the rules and regulations of the Iowa Administrative rules Chapter 69 to ensure that septic systems installed in Council Bluffs have the greatest chance of working properly for the longest period of time. During installation, an on-site inspection is conducted to determine that it is installed to the specifications. An accurate map of the system is required of the installer, which is placed into the file. That file is then kept permanently to allow for reference whenever there is a problem with the system. Once installed, we check to see that the system will properly fit onto the property and that the soils were tested to determine feasibility of that system. 

Swimming Pools and Spas

All pools and spas accessible to the public in Council Bluffs are inspected annually. Physical safety concerns, such as improperly covered drains and outlets, trip hazards on the deck and the pool exterior, security and supervision of the facility and improperly balanced water chemistry, are evaluated and corrected by the inspectors and the pool managers. Examination of pool and spa sanitation is also performed: adequate disinfectant levels, frequent and complete testing of the water, monthly laboratory tests for bacteria and supervision of patrons and bathers. 

Tanning Facilities

License and inspect tanning facilities within the city limits. Inspections focus on general cleaning and sanitizing of the tanning beds, confirming that bulbs are properly used and replaced, checking customer use records, and making sure that customers are properly educated about the potential risks associated with tanning. We also test all operators within the city to verify that they meet minimum requirements established by the state. 

Tattoo Establishments

License and inspect tattoo businesses to verify that they comply with all health and safety requirements established by state law. The inspection covers sanitary tattoo procedures, verifies that equipment is properly cleaned and sterilized, and confirms that the tattoo artist has been approved by the Iowa Department of Public Health to perform tattoo activities within the state of Iowa.