Code Compliance

NEW Code Compliance Hotline

Do you need to register a complaint about a general nuisance in Council Bluffs? Please call and leave a message at (712) 890-5360.

You may leave an anonymous message with a short description of the problem and the street address of the property that is out of compliance. If the property is vacant without an address, leave the parcel number or a nearby address and where the issue is in relation to the address given. Incomplete addresses will result in a delayed response from our department. 

Community Development investigates reports of the following:
  • Noxious weeds 
  • Grass that is taller than 18” 
  • Trash or junk which has been stored on private property for more than three days
  • Vehicles parked in a yard (without a parking pad)
  • Rodents/Insects
  • Environmental Diseases
Property owners are given at least 7 days after the issuance of the notice to correct concerns. Please allow time for the problem to be remedied after leaving your message. Timeframes are dependent on a variety of factors. Complaints are scheduled in the order received, and City staff will not investigate the same property more than once a week. 

Community Development provides inspection and disease prevention services designed to control the factors that are responsible for the spread of disease through water and other environmental exposures.

We strive to enhance the quality of life in our community through education, by performing routine inspections and investigations, taking enforcement action when warranted, and interacting with state, federal and local agencies when appropriate.

We conduct inspections for:
  • Septic Systems
We monitor and test:
  • Noise Control
We issue permits for:
  • Noise Variances
  • Wells
We offer forms for:
  • Investigative File Requests
  • Landlord Tenant Solid Waste Collection 
  • Salvage Application
  • Storage Yard Application
  • Weed and Solid Waste Abatement Research