Claim Against the City of Council Bluffs

If you think the City, or a City employee acting within the course and scope of his or her employment, has damaged your property or injured you, you may file a claim. Please complete & submit the following form to the City's Legal Department with all supporting documentation.

City Claim Form

What should I attach to the claim form? 

Attach all relevant documents; such as bids, receipts, invoices, photographs, and any other supporting documents you may have in connection with the incident. (All information submitted becomes a part of the file.) 

How many repair estimates do I submit? 

For property damage claims relating to automobiles, please attach two separate estimates for the damages being claimed. For other property damage, please submit one estimate. At times, we may require an appraisal of other type of inspection of the property. 

Can I have the repairs done or do I have to wait for the claims process to be concluded? 

Please take the necessary steps to return your property to the previous condition in a timely fashion. This may require repair prior to the conclusion of the claims process. Take photographs of the damage prior to any repair in order to substantiate your claim. 

What happens once I file a claim? 

Your claim is processed and sent to the appropriate department and involved employees to gain information. It is then reviewed by City Council and the City's Claims Committee. The Claims Committee meets once a month, but it may take several weeks for your claim to be fully resolved. This time allows us to complete an investigation and talk with all departments and employees who may have knowledge or information concerning your claim. During the course of the investigation, you may be contacted and requested to provide additional details. Upon completion of the investigation, you will be contacted regarding the outcome of the investigation. 

What to do if my claim is denied? 

If your claim is denied, you may want to consult an attorney to determine your options.