Broadway Skate Park

The Broadway Skate Park (1300 West Broadway) is a poured concrete facility that features a snake run, 4' bowl, fun box, rail, stairs, and a 1/4 pipe. 

Broadway Skate Park amenities also include a picnic shelter and a playground equipped with a small climbing wall.

Skate Park Rules

  • Use only skateboards, skates, or in-line skates; no bicycles, scooters, or motorized devices
  • No waxing, defacing or vandalizing of any of these facilities
  • No food or beverages inside the skating area; no glass containers anywhere in the park
  • No chairs, benches, tables, or other objects inside the skating area
  • No loitering on the ramps, pipes, or runs
  • Be courteous, wait your turn, and go with the flow
  • No littering, debris in the park can be hazardous
  • No loud music or other noise

Iowa Smokefree Air Act--smoking is prohibited during any and all events taking place in the park.

Skate Park