Bayliss Park

Bayliss Park (100 Pearl St) is the jewel of our downtown. The Park has a fountain, plaza, splash pad, and performance space. Immediately adjacent to the park, along Pearl Street is a Veterans Plaza.  

Bayliss Park can be rented for events and special occasions on CivicRec

The Fountain
The fountain at Bayliss Park has unique water features, patterns, and an impressive light display. The center of the fountain features a sculpture with water shooting out the top. The sculpture, titled Well Spring, was created by Brower Hatcher from Providence, RI.

The Plaza
The plaza area around the fountain provides different functions along each side. The flower beds are two-sided so that the floral displays can be seen from both inside and outside of the park. The plaza is closely connected to the surrounding green space with 16 openings from the fountain court to the rest of the park.

The Performance Space
There is a permanent raised stage is incorporated into the west side of the plaza. This allows for the audience to be seated with their backs to the setting sun, under the shade of the large Oak and Hackberry trees. The stage is framed with a light and airy canopy and the fountain will be the backdrop to the performance. This canopy, titled Oculus, was also created by Brower Hatcher. 

The Splash Pad
There is a small interactive water component incorporated into the north side of the plaza. This is a small 12' diameter area with child-activated sprays that emanate from the plaza floor. The water patterns of the sprays duplicate the forms of the large central fountain. 

Touchable Art
Along the east side of the plaza, you'll find several pieces of art that are child-scaled and touchable. These six black squirrels were created by Brower Hatcher as well. 

Iowa Smokefree Air Act--smoking is prohibited during any and all events taking place in the park.

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