Council Bluffs Recreation Complex

Council Bluffs Recreation Complex has been recognized as one of the finest recreation facilities in the midwest for youth and adult teams. CB Rec Complex is located at 2900 Richard Downing Avenue, south of Exit 1-B (S. 24th St.) off the I-80/I-29 interchange. 

RAIN OUT LINE: 712-890-5290 (updated at 3 p.m.)

Council Bluffs Recreation Complex Offers:

  • 4 Softball fields
  • 4 Baseball diamonds
  • 2 Youth/ fastpitch fields
  • 10 full-size soccer fields with goals for age groups 6 and under, and 13 and under (4 additional full-sized fields available upon request)
  • 4 full-size football fields with goal post and electronic scoreboards
  • 2 full-service concessions with outdoor seating
  • Tournament/ conference room
  • Large playground
  • Paved concrete bike trail that connects to city-wide trail system
  • Easy access to Interstate 29, Interstate 80 and Veteran's Memorial Highway

Council Bluffs Recreation is home to:

  • Council Bluffs leagues
  • Omaha leagues
  • Local, district, state, regional, and national tournaments

CB Rec Complex Site Layout
CB Rec Complex Soccer & Football Field Rental Agreement
CB Rec Complex Baseball and Softball Rental Agreement

NOTICE: Avoid using Council Bluffs Recreation Complex as a trailhead.

The Council Bluffs Recreation Complex, located at 2900 Richard Downing Avenue, adjoins the Council Bluffs Trails system. Occasionally, trail users utilize the CB Rec Complex’s parking lot as a trailhead. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Public Property, recommend against doing so.

For security reasons, the Complex’s three parking lots are locked when games are not underway. Due to the weather-dependent nature of games, a large number of tournaments with unique hours, the daily change in game schedules due to rain, and the inability to estimate when scheduled games will end, there can be no specific times for the gates to be locked. 

As a result, trail users who leave their cars unattended in the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex parking lot run the risk of returning to find their car locked in.

Iowa Smokefree Air Act--smoking is prohibited during any and all events taking place in the park.

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