ISO Rating

CBFD earned a Class 1 rating. That's the best you can get! 

"ISO helps us evaluate our public fire-protection services and provides us with an objective, countrywide standard that is useful when planning and budgeting for facilities, equipment, and training," said Council Bluffs Fire Chief Justin James. "The rating program benefits the entire community by securing lower fire insurance premiums."

ISO administers the Public Protection Classification (PPC) program, which assesses a community’s fire protection efforts. ISO collects and analyzes information on municipal fire-protection efforts in communities throughout the United States, then assigns a PPC from 1 to 10, with Class 1 representing superior property fire protection and Class 10 indicating fire suppression doesn't meet ISO's minimum criteria. ISO’s rating system evaluates four primary categories of fire suppression — fire department, emergency communications, water supply, and community risk reduction. The standards are set by the National Fire Protection Association. 

Nearly all insurance companies use PPC information when pricing policies, offering coverages, and establishing deductibles for individual homes and businesses. Assuming all other factors are equal, the price of property insurance in a community with a good PPC is lower than in a community with a poor PPC.

According to the ISO website (, nearly 40,000 communities across the United States have completed the PPC evaluation process, and only 411 received a Class 1 rating. The Council Bluffs Class 1 rating goes into effect on July 1, 2021.


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