Quarterly Sanitation Newsletter

Sanitation bills are sent out quarterly, and included in each bill is a newsletter. View recent newsletters below. 

  • Winter 2017 - Bring your own bag to the grocery store, ensure your garbage is collected in the winter, learn about the Mid-American Energy appliance recycling program and discover where to recycle Christmas lights. 

  • Fall 2016 - Explore your options if you have too much garbage, learn yard waste guidelines, discover the best way to recycle plastic bags and learn how to download the My Waste app.

  • Summer 2016 - Learn how to properly dispose of fireworks and why it's important to slow down around waste collection vehicles.

  • Spring 2016 - Learn about the My Waste app and yard waste season guidelines. 

  • Winter 2016 - Get a checklist for curbside recycling and learn how and where to place your trash during the winter months.