Fire Suppression Division

The Council Bluffs Fire Department Suppression Division is the largest division of the Fire Department. Thirty-two personnel are assigned to each of three shifts, staffing five fire stations. At full strength, suppression firefighters operate five pumpers, two quints, three ambulances, and a command vehicle.

The city is divided into ten fire, and EMS response zones and response apparatuses are assigned to each zone based on the type of incident. Response assignments range from one fire apparatus assigned to a car fire to five fire apparatus and two ambulances initially assigned to a structure fire.

Each pumper and quint is staffed at a paramedic level and equipped to provide advanced medical treatment until the arrival of a transport ambulance. Each shift also has a minimum of twelve firefighters trained to the hazardous materials technician level for hazmat response.

The Suppression Division provides a wide range of emergency services beyond fire suppression and emergency medical response.

Suppression Firefighters:

  • Respond and manage water rescues, hazardous materials releases, confined space, technical rescues, and vehicle accident extrication
  • Perform public education, company-level inspections, and smoke detector installations in their territories.
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