Liquor License


Upon meeting the requirements imposed by state law and the ordinances of this city, a person who is of good moral character as defined by state law and this chapter, may apply for a liquor control license or a beer permit. In the case of a club, corporation or partnership, the officers of the club or corporation and the partners of a partnership shall be the persons of good moral character as defined by state law and this chapter.

To apply for a liquor license, you must first apply online at the Alcohol Beverage Division Website. If you have any questions regarding the applications, please contact the ABD at 1-866-469-2223 (press 1 to be connected with a representative).

If your application has been filed under a corporation, your corporation needs to be registered with the Secretary of State. They can be reached by calling 515-281-5247.

After completing the information online, contact the City Clerk.

The following items will need to be completed: 
  1. Notify your insurance carrier to update "Dram Shop" liquor liability online.
  2. Provide the City Clerk with a copy of the lease or Warranty Deed.
  3. Provide the City Clerk with the "Notary" page (attached below)
  4. Provide the City Clerk with a sketch of the selling area which includes where the entrances/exits and restrooms are located, and the location of where the actual license will be displayed.
  5. Complete the local background check information form and return the form to the City Clerk.
  6. Contact the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation to obtain a Criminal History Report. You may go to its website and complete everything online or call 515-725-6066.
All Licensee requirements must be fulfilled and compliant with final inspections conducted by the Fire Marshall, Health Inspector and Building Officials prior to City Council approval.

Local Background Information Form
Notary Form