Storm Water Advisory Committee


The committee shall have and exercise the following powers and duties: Meet and elect from its membership a chairperson and such other offices deemed necessary; establish policy and long-term goals for the storm water management program; provide a forum for public input on storm water quality and related issues within the community to enhance the City's understanding of community support for activities related to storm water quality management; and make recommendations to the City Council regarding storm water quality related issues.


  • Typically after 5:00 p.m.
  • As needed
  • City Hall, 209 Pearl Street - 2nd Floor Conference Room


Name Appointed Reappointed Expires
Mary Anne Bragg 12/12/2011   06/30/2013
    06/24/2013 06/30/2017
    06/12/2017 06/30/2021
Doug Rew 12/12/2011   06/30/2015
    07/13/2015 06/30/2019
Brian Hunter 04/21/2014   06/30/2015
    07/13/2015 06/30/2019
Christopher Juffer 05/08/2017   06/30/2019
Stacy Gillman 05/06/2019   06/30/2023