Council Bluffs Airport Authority


The Council Bluffs Airport Authority has the power to acquire, hold, construct, improve, maintain, operate, own and lease as lessor and lessee, aviation facilities; to acquire, purchase, hold, own, operate, and lease as lessee and use any franchise, property, real, personal, or mixed for carrying out the purposes of an authority, and to sell, mortgage, lease, as lessor, transfer, and dispose of any property or interest therein; to enter into and make leases; to acquire by purchase, lease, or otherwise, and to construct, improve, maintain, repair, and operate aviation facilities; to fix, alter, charge, establish and collect rates, fees, rentals, and other charges for the services and facilities of aviation facilities; to borrow money, make and issue negotiable bonds, certificates, refunding bonds, and other obligations and notes of an authority; to borrow money and accept grants, contributions or loans from, and to enter into contracts, leases, or other transactions with municipal, county, state, or federal government; to pledge hypothecate, or otherwise encumber all or any part of the revenues, rates, fees, rentals, or other charges or receipts of an authority as security for all or any of the obligations issued by an authority.  Questions may be directed to Andy Biller (712) 322-2284.


  • 4:00 p.m.
  • Third Wednesday of the month
  • Council Bluffs Airport Terminal, 16801 McCandless Lane


Name Appointed Reappointed Expires
Brad Knott 03/22/2004   12/15/2007
    03/10/2008 03/10/2011
    02/28/2011 03/10/2015
    03/09/2015 03/10/2019
    02/25/2019 03/10/2023
Jeanette M Aldredge 05/26/2009   03/10/2013
     Secretary/Treasurer   05/06/2013 03/10/2017
    02/27/2017 03/10/2021
    03/08/2021 03/10/2025
Scott Hartman 03/25/2013   03/10/2017
     Chairman   02/27/2017 03/10/2021
    03/08/2021 03/10/2025
Patti McAtee 01/26/2015   03/10/2019
    02/25/2019 03/10/2023
Edwin Holtz 01/11/2021   03/10/2025
Deanna Boese 02/25/2019   03/10/2023
Richard Heininger 12/14/2020   03/10/2026