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Frequently Asked Questions
What is considered running a red light?
A vehicle is considered to be running a red light when it crosses into the intersection after the light has turned red. Vehicles are allowed to turn right on red after making a complete stop. Vehicles that are within the intersection when the light turns red, including ones waiting for a break in traffic in order to complete a left turn, are not considered to be red light runners. Persons caught in the middle of the intersection should wait until it is safe to complete the turn.

How do violators get notified?
Within 18 days, a ticket will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. It will contain three full color digital images taken of the violation, each imprinted with the date, time and location. A Web address will also be published (on page 4 of the ticket) where still pictures and a short video of the actual driving violation can be viewed on the Internet. The video is available for 60 days from the date
of violation at Enter City Code: CBLF

What if the registered owner of the vehicle was not driving it at the time of the driving violation?
If the violating vehicle was sold or stolen, the owner can use their sold or stolen vehicle report (page 2) to indicate that he or she was not driving it at the time of the violation. However, the registered owner is responsible for the ticket if they simply let someone else use their vehicle and a violation occurs.

Who operates Stop on Red?
The Council Bluffs Police have the sole and ultimate responsibly to decide if a citation is issued. The technology and equipment behind Stop on Red is provided and maintained by Redflex Traffic Systems.

I lost my ticket, how do I get another?
Tickets can be re-printed at Police Records during normal business hours or by calling the Council Bluffs Legal Department. In order to re-print a citation, the name of the person who received the citation, the vehicle license plate, and approximate date of occurrence are required.

Where can I pay my ticket in person?
Tickets may be paid at Police Records (227 S. 6th Street) with a check or money order for $100.00. Cash is not accepted.

Can I make payments or get an extension?
Partial payments are accepted on the website only. If the deadline for payment is not met, a $35.00 fee will be added. Extensions for extenuating circumstances may be made through the Council Bluffs Legal Department.

What if my payment is late or I don’t pay?
Late payments will result in an additional $35.00 fee being added to the ticket. Failure to pay will result in a collection process being initiated. Warrants are not issued for tickets under this program.

Who do I contact to appeal the ticket?
A hearing may be requested by filling out the form on page 2 of the citation received or by contacting the Council Bluffs Legal Department.