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The Recycling Center strives to recycle as many materials as possible. Unfortunately, because of the bulk and labor involved with processing, some items have a small fee attached to them.

As electronics are constantly replaced with newer and better ones, consumers are left wondering what to do with their old items. The Recycling Center accepts all types of electronic waste (e-waste) from televisions and stereos to computers and keyboards. These types of equipment contain various heavy metals that we do not want in our landfills.

In an effort to reduce the amount of toxic materials and heavy metals placed in the landfill, the Recycling Center offers an environmentally-friendly option for disposal.

  • Electronics including televisions, computers and monitors, laptops, printers, copiers, DVD players, etc. can be recycled at the Recycling Center for just $0.25 a pound.

The chart below gives an approximation of what some electronics may cost. Remember this is only an estimation. Equipment will be weighed when it arrives and residents charged appropriately. TV weights and price estimates are for CRT's, not flat screens, etc. 

Electronic Disposal Pricing  

Type of Electronics

Average Weight

Approximate Cost
to Recycle

13" Television

23 lbs


 25"-26" Television

85 lbs


25" Console Television Set

160 lbs


32" Television

110 lbs


 CPU (computer tower)

20 lbs


15" Computer Monitor

34 lbs



12 lbs


Other Electronic Recycling Options