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School Resource Officers
The School Resource Program is under the Community Services Section. The school resource officers are assigned directly to the school and spend their entire tour of duty at that school. It is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of a law enforcement officer within the educational environment on several different levels. The officer is involved in a variety of functions:

  • As a classroom source for instruction in law-related education and educational programs in criminal law and drug awareness

  • As a counseling source in areas which may affect the educational environment but may be of a law-related nature

  • As a source to teachers, parents, and students for conferences or on an individual basis   

  • As a visible, active law enforcement figure on campus, dealing with any law-related areas

  • As an extension of the principal's office in dealing with specifics, in unique areas, or the principal's request

The school resource officers are always in uniform while on campus. The following schools have officers assigned to them:

School - Officer  Phone 
Officer's Supervisor Sergeant Dale M. Wissler  (712) 329-1856 
Kanesville - Officer Bret Burns  (712) 328-6510 
Kirn Middle School - Officer Steve Jacobs  (712) 328-6454 
Abraham Lincoln High School - Officer Michael Hernandez (712) 328-6481 
Thomas Jefferson High School - Officer Ron Zika  (712) 328-6493 
Wilson Middle School - Officer Chris Hite  (712) 328-6476 
For More Information
If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the officers or the supervisor using the numbers above.