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Fleet Maintenance
Our Goals: Become a World Class Fleet Provider
The Fleet Maintenance Division facility is located at 901 10th Avenue. The garage provides the City’s vehicle and equipment fleet of 595 pieces of equipment with high quality maintenance and repairs.
Through Annual Inspections and Preventive Maintenance inspections, vehicles are kept to D.O.T. Standards.  The City’s fleet includes 260 pieces of equipment in Public Works, 145 in Parks Department, 81 in Police Department, 56 in Fire Department and 33 in Health/Recycle Department, 16 at Mid-American Center, and four Special Transit Service Buses.  In addition, Preventive Maintenance and repair is conducted on 119 pieces of equipment for the Council Bluffs Schools, 15 for Carter Lake Fire and Police Department and two for Pottawattamie County Assessor’s Office.

 Fleet2.jpg Twelve employees staff the Fleet Maintenance. This includes a Supeintendent, Fleet Foreman, Parts Coordinator, and nine Equipment Mechanics. This division works two shifts-7:00AM to 3:00PM and 9:00AM to 5:00PM.  Fleet Maintenance is funded by three different sources 58% from the General Fund,32% from the Road Use fund and 10% from Sewer Rental. The budget is currently
2.65 million dollars for this fiscal year.


 Repairs and maintenance cover a wide variety of equipment ranging from small lawn equipment to 105 ft. aerial ladder fire trucks. Detailed repair records and maintenance schedules are maintained on all the equipment. During the last full year there were 3,356 work orders issued totaling 14,963 man-hours of work. The largest categories are breakdown maintenance visits of 1,565 work orders totaling 5,634 man-hours. Preventive Maintenance, which includes route lube-oil, had 803 work orders totaling 3,144 man-hours of labor.


Fuel for the city fleet is purchased and monitored through the Fleet Maintenance Division.  Currently the city has a total capacity of 48,000 gallons of fuel located at six different locations.  Monitoring is accomplished by fuel metering heads on each pump. The information can be stored in the head or directly transferred to the monitoring computer. On average, the Fleet Maintenance Facility pumps 420 gallons of 10% ethanol unleaded gasoline and 220 gallons of diesel fuel per day at the main facility. Fleet is responsible for all regulatory compliance pertaining to the purchase, handling and use of fuels.   This includes certified Class A and B Operators that are responsible for monitoring and record keeping of the fuel.  In addition, the Class A and B Operators trained all employees as Class C Operators.  Class C Operators are first responders in any fuel release.

Acquisition, utilization, replacement and disposal of vehicles and equipment are responsibilities of the Fleet Maintenance Division. Requests are made for purchase of equipment to the Fleet Division by other City Departments. These requests are analyzed for need and use and recommendations are given for the proper equipment to do the job. Once equipment is determined to have served it useful life, Fleet prepares and directs disposal of equipment through sealed bid, auction or trade. 

Contact Information for Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Superintendent     David Mcdermott      712-328-4637
Fleet Foreman              Donnie Gittins          712-328-4698 Ext.102
Parts Coordinator          Glenda Sliger           712-328-4698 Ext.103