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Photo Enforcement Citation Information
The Council Bluffs Police Department has launched a program that targets red-light runners. "Stop on Red" is a high-tech way for the department to monitor more intersections with fewer officers.

How does it work?
Stop on Red uses digital cameras installed at a number of intersections around the city of Council Bluffs. When a vehicle runs a red light at a monitored intersection, sensors installed in the roadway activate a battery of cameras. The cameras take three digital photos and twelve seconds of digital video footage.  These pictures document the violation. The system is only triggered by red-light runners.
Vehicles running red lights trigger the system and cameras record the actual offenses.

Who Gets the Ticket?
The registered owner of the vehicle receives the ticket. The fine for running a red light under this program will be $100.00. This the same as the fine set by the State of Iowa for a citation issued by an officer for running a red light. The Council Bluffs Municipal Code governing the Stop on Red program is 9.16.055. This code can be viewed at the public library or online. Tickets issued under this program are
civil infractions and do not count against anyone’s driving record. This information is not released to insurance companies.

Look for the signs
"Photo Enforced" signs will be posted at all intersections using Stop on Red.

Which intersections will have photo enforcement?
30th Avenue and South Expressway
Broadway at 8th Street
Broadway at 16th Street 
Broadway at 21st Street 
Broadway at 25th Street 
Broadway at 35th Street
Kanesville Blvd at Harrison Street
South 7th Street at Willow Ave.

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