Alarm Registration

On May 5, 2003, Ordinance 5760 of the Council Bluffs City Code, Alarm Systems, was adopted. Chapter 3.12 established business and residential alarm code requirements within the Council Bluffs City limits.

The ordinance requires business and residential alarm users to register their systems with the City of Council Bluffs by paying a $25 annual registration fee and a fee for excessive false alarms during each registration period. Each alarm user will receive one "free" false alarm response per year. False alarm number two is $100.00 each, false alarm number three and over is $250.00 each. In addition, late fees and dees for non-compliance from alarm principal and alarm businesses may be assessed.

The City has contracted with Alarm Tracking and Billing Services (ATB) also known as PMAM Corporation in Colorado Springs, CO to administer the false alarm reduction program.

ATB Services: 1-866-950-9904

Alarm Registration Form

False Alarm Appeal Procedure & Form